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 Henry Pucknell Art

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PostSubject: Henry Pucknell Art   Thu Apr 23, 2015 3:45 pm

So my degree piece is getting there, here's 10 lasercuts together:

There's gonna be 30 altogether

When its installed it will be attached to the ceiling and adjacent walls. Paul wants me to spray paint the whole thing black but i think that's a terrible idea (there's too many black sculptures out there). If i spray the thing a few different colours and then assemble it, it will appear to have more depth and be more complex than it really is. I aiming for a 3D Paul Klee not a Malevich Black Square!

I want the sculpture to have the intensity of a Rothko painting, deep purples and stalk reds.

The center will be a bright red but as it radiates outwards it will fade to a dark almost black purple, hopefully it will look like a frozen explosion.

Lemme know what you think gang.
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PostSubject: Re: Henry Pucknell Art   Thu Apr 23, 2015 10:46 pm

makes me think of...

some links i'm not allowed to post because of some forum bullshit

http : // tinyurl . com / n6wyqlp

http : // tinyurl . com / mcanopq

go easy on the purple, shouldn't take much difference in hue to achieve the effect. Maybe do some highlights on the edges Wink 40k that shit.

It still doesn't grab me. Needs something more, maybe the finished structure will have better associations. Right now all I get is "collapsing robot castle ruin" or exploded borg ship. It has an interesting form but doesn't have any obvious intentions.

It might be cool if it mimic'd a column - http : // tinyurl . com / ocf3pkb - then you have a juxtaposition between the concept of civilization and contemporary scientific understanding (kinda like gormly). It's hollow, incomplete, full of voids, unstable, rigidly geometric.

See what I mean? As it is, there's no dialogue.
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PostSubject: Re: Henry Pucknell Art   Fri Apr 24, 2015 2:32 pm

I do think that once you have suspended the sculpture from the walls/ceiling though it will be more obvious that its supposed to be some dark ominous cloud of suppression and I think that will work much better than any of the previous iterations of this piece flower

I think that the colours need to be pretty carefully considered, I think Paul just wants it to look quite slick + professional, which I can understand may not come across if its badly painted mdf (not saying it will be, but you get my drift)
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PostSubject: Re: Henry Pucknell Art   Sat Apr 25, 2015 11:02 am

I fear that red and purple colouring would only accommodate its desire to become something gadget-like and overly technical. I wouldn't let the assemblage and structure trick you into thinking it needs some over-elaborate multi-display of specific colours!

It's a bit like my 'ladders' a while ago Henry, through their flirty and persuasive ways I fell into a trap of doing something that involved climbing them. Don't let it woo you!

But I like the idea of the position you mentioned
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PostSubject: Re: Henry Pucknell Art   

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Henry Pucknell Art
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